“Most big transformations come about from the hundreds of tiny, almost imperceptible, steps we take along the way.”

– Lori gottlieb

Now that you have received approval to begin accruing supervised hours, it’s time to hit the ground running with your trusty guide (aka supervisor); however, before you take off running, make sure you have the roadmap for the journey ahead. You can equate this roadmap to the Board of Behavioral Health’s requirements for licensure as an LPC. In this post, I am providing you with the standards the Oklahoma State Board of Behavioral Health has determined that LPC supervision should meet.

As an LPC Candidate you must 3000 clock hours (or 3 years) of full-time, on-the-job experience. For each 1,000 clock hours, you must have a minimum of 350 direct client contact hours. These hours must be completed with 60 months of the date of approval of your first supervision agreement. If the hours are not complete within this time frame, your application will be voided. Before you can start accruing your supervised hours, you must submit our supervision agreement to the LPC Board for approval. This form is located on the Resources page or on the Board’s website.

Once you are able to start accruing supervised hours, you will need to attend weekly supervision. You will need to complete a minimum of 45 minutes of supervision for every 20 hours of on-the-job experience. If you work 40 hours per week, which is a typical full-time job, you will need to attend at least 90 minutes of supervision per week. Supervision can be completed as an individual and/or in a group; however, group supervision cannot account for more than 1/2 of the required supervision hours. Group supervision consists of 2 to 6 LPC candidates. Supervision must be face-to-face, but COVID. As of February 18, 2021, the LPC Board is allowing supervision to occur virtually. Obviously, this is subject to change at the Board’s discretion. As the supervisor, I will complete at least 2 observations of you providing counseling services during each 6-month evaluation period. These observations can be completed in-person or by taping a session and reviewing it in supervision. In-person because COVID. I will complete these observations by reviewing recordings of sessions until it is safe to complete in-person observations again. I will consult with the your On-site Supervisor at least once during each 6-month evaluation period. The Evaluation of Supervised Experience form, signed by you and me, will be submitted to the LPC Board every 6 months.

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