If you have been traumatized in the past, by a relationship, an incident, an accident, something that seems unforgivable and unmanageable to you, even now, I can help. If you find yourself experiencing emotional pain, hopelessness and loss of connectedness, I can help. I can help by helping you to begin to treasure yourself, first for surviving, and eventually for learning to flourish, through good times and bad. Counseling makes room for expressing the unexpressed, making the unconscious conscious, integrating thoughts and feelings, restoring a sense of agency and perspective, providing a platform for exploring our maladaptive illusions and the opportunity to trust through being with another person (Cozolino, 2015). I can help by providing you a safe and supportive space to let your mind wonder and find answers to your inner most questions about yourself and your experiences, whether past or present.

We don’t have to do it alone. We were never meant to.

brene brown

If you are interested in making the investment in yourself to begin counseling, I offer a free 30-minute initial session. This initial session will provide you with the opportunity to have your questions answered about the therapy process and get a feel for how I am as a therapist. I am also available by email to answer any questions.